How do I book the ‘Mile House’?

Send an e-mail to nielsdal@gmail.com with your inquiry.

When should the rent be paid?

The rent is payable over 2 installments. The first installment (25% of rental amount) is due 4 days after booking. Rate 2 is transferred to the landlord’s bank account within 40 days before starting the rental period, or simultaneously with payment by installment one.

  • Electrical bill is paid Dkr. 3.50 / kW. Water settled 50 dkr / m3.
  • Cleaning settled at Dkr. 1000
  • Key is handed over on arrival.
  • Lost keys are replaced with Dkr. 2,000 for installing the new lock.
  • The house is left tidy, damaged things are replaced.


What is a normal rental week?

A normal rental week starts Saturday at 3 pm. Ends the following Saturday at 10 am.

Other rental terms?

It is sad to pay big bucks for a rental cottage – for upon arrival to discover that something is missing or corrupted. Therefor, please treat the house’ effects with respect, as also the subsequent tenants can have a good holiday!

There can be no more than 8 people in the house, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the landlord. Violation may result in immediate expulsion without refund of rent.

How to overcome the practical with the key and usage billing?

The key provided by supervisors who will meet you at the house. Key may also be picked up in Skagen. This is agreed on when booking.

In connection with receiving the keys for the house, a deposit of Dkr. 5,000 + 1000 Dkr. for cleaning is paid. (see What about cleaning?)

The deposit is to cover any possible damage the tenant has caused during the stay, and to cover the energy-consumption in the period where the house is rented. Deposit and cleaning are payable in cash by transferring key for the ‘Mile House’.

When returning the key and electricity and water reading table upon departure settled consumption immediately. Paid Dkr. 3.50 per. Kwh electricity.

Both on arrival and departure, the house is reviewed by the house supervisor.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes you can, but first installment payment will in any case be lost. If you have paid the second installment payment as when you cancel your holiday, you get second rate back.
Cancel your reservation later than 4 weeks before arrival, you will only get a refund of the second rate if we manage to rent the house to another party.


What about cleaning?

Cleaning is mandatory and costs 1000 Dkr.

The house is left prepared for cleaning. Following must be done before departure.

• Tidy both inside and out
• Dishwashing removed / empty dishwasher
• Clean garden grill
• Empty garbage
• Remove empty bottles to nearest container

Can I rent the house for a weekend?

The house is rented primarily from Saturday to Saturday, weekend rentals are generally not possible. However, in winter, rental periods can be made as weekend rentals.

Send request to nielsdal@gmail.com

Energy consumption within the house?

Consumption is obviously very dependent on the season and number of guests satying at the Mile-House. However, we have done a great job in making the house as ‘green’ as possible. Everything regarding heating of ground floors as well as hotwater, is produced with heat pump installation anno 2010. Fireplace in the living room can be used also. Wood can be purchased at a small cost.

What should we bring?

The house has 8 pillows, 8 blankets and 3 seats for children.
Bring your own sheets, duvet covers, pillow covers, towels, bathrobes and toiletries, dish cloths, dish cloths, dish soap and the like. Soap for washing machine?

Dishwashing Tabs for dishwasher is at the house.

Can we bring pets?

Basically, no. Send a query on the mail and we will take it from there. The area at the cottage requires that dogs be kept on a leash. There is no kennel on the property.


What to do if something breaks while we’re in the house?

For larger items please contact the building supervisor.
Minor things that does not affect the house’s condition or your stay should be set aside and arranged with supervisor when departing the Mile-house.

The tenant undertakes to treat the hired sound. The tenant must return the rented premises in the same condition as when on arrival. The tenant is facing the homeowner liable for the damage to the house and its furnishings that may arise during the rental period and caused by the tenant himself or others, which the tenant has given access to the rented house.

Have more questions? – nielsdal@gmail.com